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Laughter Building

I take my photographs from the seat of a mobility scooter……

In 2014 I retired from a 20-year career as a TV cameraman and director after developing a variant of Motor Neurone Disease called Primary Lateral Sclerosis. It was a life changing, devastating diagnosis that has stopped me from walking but it’s reignited my love for photographing people.

My working life began in photography and during my TV career I used much of my time off to take stills photos for pleasure. Developing MND means I have a lot more time for photography so whenever I can, I take my scooter onto the streets documenting the life I see around me.

Film Noir Fedora Hat (taken in 2012 before I developed MND)

I use lightweight mirrorless cameras and have a very portable mobility scooter. I get a unique perspective shooting this way and often feel invisible. When I am seen, people are much more friendly and less likely to be intimidated about having their photo taken than if I was on two feet pointing a camera at them!

Mobility Scooter = Invisibility Cloak

I enjoy exhibiting my work, writing and giving talks and presentations about my experiences. I’m also involved in raising money and awareness for neurological organisations and disability issues generally. I’ve been told that what I have to say is inspiring. If you’d like to contact me please get in touch via my email:

 Recent events:

  • March and April 2017 – Solo exhibition at Worcester Arts Workshop. Organiser quote –  “One of our best ever exhibitions. It’s attracted so many people to the venue”.
  • March 2017 – Guest speaker for “Rewired” at the Royal Geographical Society. Rewired is an innovative Art / Science event created by Movement for Hope.
  • 2016 – Contributor to the 20th anniversary celebration book of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.
  • 2016 – Exhibited at Neurocreativity for Movement for Hope where the comedian Russell Brand was a guest at the private view.

I have been featured on BBC Radio and in newspapers, magazines and websites including most recently in a The Lancet article about my presentation at Rewired 2017.

Stronger Together - Private View (1)

Upcoming event: 11th to 15th September 2017 – Exhibiting at “Stronger Together”, Tabernacle Arts Centre, Notting Hill, London. All proceeds will go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The private view is 13th September. RSVP details are on the flyer to the left if you’d like to come.

Frozen Pigeon

Photographic magic –

By some amazing synchronicity, through exhibiting, giving talks and blogging my photos, people have recognised themselves, family and friends and contacted me to tell their stories. I’ve found out some truly heart warming personal details that I was totally unaware of when I took the photographs – The stories behind the people in the pictures.

passing scooter - Adobe RGB print tiff
Scooter Shooting (RIP Rita Zacchi)

If you’d like to hear some of these stories and for me to show my work at your event, or gallery then email me at

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