About “scooter shooter”


“I photograph what moves me from the scooter that moves me”

Photography has been a part of me from the moment I was born – my father’s darkroom doubled as my bedroom. It’s been in my blood ever since.

Being part silver halide it was natural that I would make a career out of stills photography and then moving images, but I was forced into retirement at the age of 46 when I developed a variant of motor neurone disease.


“Frozen pigeon”

MND has wrecked my health but not stopped that craving to capture life using the magic boxes we call cameras. The photos I now take are observational images of people and scenes that catch my eye as I roll around on a mobility scooter.

I’ve found that shooting from a scooter gives me a unique perspective and an invisibility I didn’t have when taking photos on two feet – both definite advantages.

“Laughter building”

All the photos on the Blog part of this site have been taken from my mobility scooter. The blog also contains news of exhibitions and other events that I’m involved with.

The Portfolio page of the site is gradually developing chronologically, starting with pictures taken on foot before I developed MND.

Using the site menu you can also navigate to some great images taken in Venice at a time just after my diagnosis when I moved around with the help of crutches – and strong drugs!

And the name “Scooter Shooter”? – Hopefully that’s obvious now😉

I hope you enjoy all the photographs you find here whether I took them on my feet or from my wheels.

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