So why “scooter shooter”?

Miles-scooter-cut-out-white-backgroundVirtually every photo on Scooter Shooter has been taken as I roll around the West Midlands on a mobility scooter. A few were taken while I was propped up on crutches – a kind of improvised monopod set up. 

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I’m unable to walk more than a few steps holding a camera these days after developing a rare type of motor neurone disease called primary lateral sclerosis. But I’m determined that won’t stop me from enjoying my passion for street photography so I’ve become a “scooter shooter”. It gives my photographs a unique often childlike perspective and has also given me an invisibility that I didn’t have taking photos on two feet.

My aim is to communicate what life can look like from my point of view as a disabled person who has to use a scooter to get around. I hope you enjoy the images I’ve created.

“Laughter building”

Click here or on the link in the menu to see what I’ve photographed most recently. You can also find galleries of my pictures in the menu links. Why not make a cup of tea, relax and have a browse around the site.


I was a news cameraman and live television director prior to developing MND. Before that I learnt the craft of photography shooting on film for advertising agencies in the 1980’s. I also had a stint of travelling in the middle east just before the first Gulf war to create myself a portfolio made out of “real life” after I’d become tired of advertising.

A photographer friend jokingly called me Scooter Shooter and even though it sounds like a dodgy super hero it’s quite catchy and so it’s stuck.

Do feel free to get in touch to say hello and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy what you find on here.


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