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© Miles Pilling

I was interested in the morning light falling through a side window onto the landscape painting on the wall in the pub when a fellow mobility scooter user happened to pass through the frame. To me it adds poignancy to the photo. There’s an ironic disconnection between the two people in the shot – they are unaware of each other but we are aware of them and seconds after I pressed the shutter they moved into each others view.

The sunlit picture of rolling hills hanging on the wall in the pub at a slight angle and in a rather shabby picture frame seems like a distant fantasy. To me there is a sense of symbolism in the photo, much of which came together spontaneously as I took the photograph.

After years as a roaming photographic biped, these days I take most of my photos from a mobility scooter or propped up using a crutch as a monopod. I’m disabled after developing motor neurone disease, but I’m determined that won’t stop me enjoying my passion for capturing life through a lens. I hope you enjoy my photos too.

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This candid was taken on an Olympus OMD EM1 with 12-40mm f2.8 lens at f5, 1/320, iso 320


5 thoughts on “No entry

    1. Thanks for your compliments Michelle. As a nation, in the UK we seem to be very interested in protecting our personal space (partly because it’s such a small over crowded country). There’s still a lot of reserve when it comes to strangers communicating. I find it fascinating and it seems to be a theme emerging gradually in my photos – all very different to the Venice shots that first got us talking! Thanks again.

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