big world for a small puppy


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8 thoughts on “big world for a small puppy

      1. I haven’t been out much either…chemo induced peripheral neuropathy can take months to reverse even when chemo is over. Start 28 days of radiation next week and then hopefully the tumors are gone. Considering what lengths you go to to get out I should not complain. It’s just a slow process…and I’m not being very patient with it.
        I’ll be in Venice for the month of March, 2017 and hopefully the internet in the apartment (different place than usual) is good enough for posting from there. Otherwise, I’ll keep a journal and do the posting when I return.

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  1. Grazie, Miles. Everyone tells me how brave I am but I don’t think I would ever want to do it again. But then I remember people like you (and the woman upstairs from me) and I’m inspired and realize my problems are temporary and that I am truly blessed. Including having blog friends like you. So glad our Venice photos introduced us.

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      1. The apartment I have rented this trip is on Giudecca in the Molino Stuckey complex (think Hilton Hotel…but not the prices)…and there is an elevator. Giudecca according to my friend has fewer bridges also. I’ll let you know how it goes.
        There must be a scooter out there that is adaptable to travel.

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