Five smoking images

Since it was made illegal to smoke inside public buildings smokers have become easy prey for street photographers. They tend to stay still and are lost in thought whilst enjoying their nicotine kick so don’t notice cameras pointing at them. Here are five smoking street shots that I’ve taken over the last five years – pun intended 😉

In fact only the above image is a candid. In all the others I was noticed. It’s also the only shot of the set that I took from my mobility scooter.

Smoking backgammon player in a Greek Cypriot cafe.

I was walking with crutches on a lunch break from work and grabbed this image of a man also on his work break.

Taken in the days when I could walk freely, I was standing in a crowd of people by a bus stop when a man noticed me taking pictures and for some reason shouted abuse at me. The lady with the very large roll up turned around to see what the fuss was about and I got the picture!

This smartly dressed man was more than happy to be photographed smoking his cigarillo.

© Miles Pilling


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