driven to abstraction

In 2014 (while I could still just about get around with crutches) I captured this image of a lady in Venice who looked like she’d joined in a conversation with two figures in a street mural:

Street conversation

I really liked how she seemed to have become part of the painting giving her an abstract anonymity.

Here are a couple more photos from the trip with the same kind of feeling:

Glass street sculpture


I’ve been exploring this theme closer to home more recently. While driving around on my mobility scooter I’ll look out for scenes where humans merge with the urban landscape almost becoming abstract objects themselves.

These were taken on a cold morning this December….



…and early morning sunlight shining through condensation at a bus stop created these lovely patterns and shapes making this figure very anonymous.


Being forced to use a mobility scooter to get around because of my disability can make me feel anonymous but having a camera with me drives me on giving each trip much more of a sense of purpose.

It’s a pleasure to share what I see from my wheels with you!

© Miles Pilling


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