Between the posts

The Stronger Together exhibition lasted less than a week at The Tabernacle and I sold fourteen framed pictures! That’s a good scoreline by anyone’s standards.

Together with co-exhibitors Sarah Ezekiel and the late David Shaw we have raised over £10,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Of my photos two stood out as being favourites. Each had 3 red dots by the end of the show! No surprise about the first – “Suit Event” – which has always proved a seller, but I was made very happy that “Backhander” – an abstract black and white “street” photograph – was so popular. It’s fuelled me with energy to continue the “abstract street” project I began a while back.

Suit Event

The private view was a fantastic success with some famous names dropping by and buying pictures.

Here’s an (ever so slightly embarrassing) snap of yours truly with Jeremy Vine and Kim Wilde:

Miles, Jeremy Vine and Kim Wilde

and a few more pictures from the evening:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank you everybody who helped in so many ways to make Stronger Together the success it was (you know who you are).

I’m now itching to get back out on my TravelScoot taking photographs again and having more adventures.

Watch this space for updates.

Miles 🙂



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