Frozen pigeon


In the small Cathedral City where I live, I often see people feeding pigeons and seagulls in the city centre. The birds are viewed by many as a nuisance and there have been schemes such as poisoning the eggs and introducing birds of prey to cut down their numbers. However, a small group with kind intentions like to make sure they have enough to eat.

By the time I’d got my scooter into position to photograph this kindly lady her bag was just about empty, I’d noticed a pigeon from the corner of my eye hoping for some last tasty bird seed morsel and as it flew into shot I pressed the shutter. The camera was on single shot mode. I really did time it just right!

As the bag says – “frozen” for posterity.

– After years as a roaming photographic biped, these days I take most of my pictures from a mobility scooter. I’m disabled after developing motor neurone disease, but I’m determined it won’t stop me enjoying my passion for capturing life through a lens.

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This picture was taken with a Sony A7 and Zeiss 35mm f2.8 prime lens – 1/500th sec. at f8.

Words and images © Miles Pilling

“To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event.”
– Henri Cartier-Bresson