The “posh” bag lady


© Miles Pilling

Carrying a Harrods bag so conspicuously seemed to say something about this lady’s personality. I took a shot of her talking to a group of friends. Ironically that photo was ruined by a supermarket plastic bag jutting into the frame – so as soon as she said goodbye and began to move away I “bagged” this picture 😉

This blog is a record of some of the photographs I have taken since being diagnosed with a type of motor neurone disease called PLS (MND is known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease in the US).

I’m disabled, but am determined MND won’t stop me enjoying my passion for capturing life through a lens. So, after years of wearing out my shoes walking with heavy cameras, these days I take most of my photos from a mobility scooter using lightweight mirrorless cameras.

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This image was taken on 4 wheels with an Olympus OMD EM5 ii and a 17mm f1.8 lens – 400th sec, f5, iso 1000. I’ve begun to experiment with a 34mm equivalent prime and zooming with my wheels – much as I used to with my feet – instead of relying on a conspicuous zoom lens. I hope you like the results 🙂